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When it rains it pours…

Well, training was going well. I went to the running clinic at Towson Sports Medicine (great place) yesterday to have my leg checked out and I have indeed strained the soleus again. The good thing is it’s not bad. The bad thing is this muscle doesn’t like to heal (not just on me, in general). The physio I met with thinks it’s acting up because of tight, weak hips, rather than because of a knee or ankle weakness. iced legBecause my hips aren’t holding form, their weakness and misalignment is being transferred down the leg and absorbed by the rest of my leg. She advised that I ice the hell out of it for a few days, and then at least once a day (especially right after a run/workout) for a week or so thereafter, and gave me some stretches and exercises to open my hips and strengthen them. I’m pushing my training plan back a week to hopefully keep the rest of it from completely derailing and taking it very easy when I do get back out there. On the bright side, I got to sleep in this morning and watch the Olympics! Say what people may about the opening ceremonies last night, but I loved them – they seemed very British (for better or for worse). No, they weren’t super flashy like the opening ceremony in Beijing, but it seemed to be a good representation of the host country. I thought they were very well done. And I LOVED the segment with the Queen and James Bond!

I also had an appointment yesterday with an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor to get my sinuses checked out. For years I’ve had problems with a chronically stuffy nose, even thinking it may be a deviated septum or something, but the last ENT I went to a couple of years ago told me there was nothing wrong. My GP had me tested for allergies a few weeks ago, but everything came back normal, and he recommended the woman I met with yesterday. It turns out there’s nothing seriously wrong with me, but I have non-allergic rhinitis – this is usually treated with a medication, but I’ve been on it for months and I still can’t breathe. The next treatment option is surgery to physically open the nasal passage. I’m getting a CT scan next week just to make sure there’s nothing else going on in my sinuses, but I’ll probably be going in to get the surgical treatment which should make it easier for me to breathe. I’m really excited that that may allow me to breathe normally for the first time in a long time, but that means I’ll have to take more time away from my training, so I’m not so excited about that. Better to get it dealt with though than to keep having to take decongestants like they’re vitamins.

I may be laying low for a few days, but I’m still collecting donations for Back on My Feet! We are all so fortunate to have had so many people in our lives pushing us forward, telling us we can do anything we put our minds to, and helping us to realize our potential. We take these people for granted, but not everyone is so fortunate. Just having someone tell you “you can do it,” perhaps for the first time ever, really can turn a life around. Please consider giving to such a great cause.

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Setbacks suck

The weather yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. Sunny, cool, dry. Very un-Baltimore-summer like. When I heard that it was supposed to be oppressively hot and humid again today, I decided to move my Thursday morning run to Wednesday evening, and had planned on getting in 3 easy miles. I did my usual warm up and started on my run, but within 100 yards an old injury reared its ugly head and I could barely walk, no less run. I walked and stopped to stretch the leg a bit, but it just refused to cooperate. I managed to eek out 2 miles, but I was in a ton of pain. I’m taking the next two days easy, icing and massaging the surrounding area to see if I can’t loosen it up before Saturday’s 4 miler.

There’s a good sports medicine clinic in the area that I went to after I injured the same muscle in the Frederick Half a few years ago and I’m trying to get an appointment with them again to see if they can’t offer some advice on how to deal with this and continue training (or at least not completely stop training).

On the bright side, I am superexcited that the Olympics start tomorrow!! I’m a complete Olympics nerd – I already have my DVR set to record all of the televised coverage (I think I need a bigger DVR box!!), have the shortcut to saved on my favorites bar, and have the NBC Olympics and Live Extra apps downloaded to both my phone and iPad so I can see what’s going on at any time. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m a sucker for the whole Olympic ideal and have no intentions of changing that.

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Is it October yet?

No, I’m not ready for the race just yet. I just want the October weather! This summer is killing me! Instead of running yesterday, I opted to go to spin class. Our usual teacher was back and all was good in the world. It’s always interesting seeing how the dynamics of each spin session change depending on the time of day and the instructor. The Monday afternoon class seems to skew much older (and almost everyone was wearing a blue shirt… kinda creepy), Tuesday morning’s are more of the mommy-ish bunch, and Friday midday’s are younger working professionals who all have to leave 10-15 minutes early so they don’t overrun their lunch breaks. She gave us a really good workout with both hills and sprints.

This morning I got up well after sunrise and didn’t get out to my run until almost 9:00am. I only did two miles, but pushed the pace and had negative splits for the first time!! yay!! Open-mouthed smile On my way home I saw a gorgeous blue heron in the stream – made me smile Smile 


My phone doesn’t exactly have the best camera, but this was along the trail this morning

P.S. – 80 days!

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Pre-training – done

It’s amazing how much bad music can ruin a perfectly good workout. I typically go spinning on Tuesday and/or Friday and take the classes with one particular instructor – she’s obnoxiously energetic but it’s exactly what I need. Plus, I like her taste in music, and good music can be really motivating. Due to some last minute issues she wasn’t able to make it for the Friday class and we had a substitute, who was a fine teacher. Not my favorite, but I’ve had worse. But her choice in music was atrocious… The class is normally 45 minutes, but after 35 minutes I just had to leave because I couldn’t stand the music any longer. Angry rap music, teeny bop pop, and horrible 90s flashbacks do not make me want to spin faster unless that bike has wheels. I felt awful leaving, but yikes.

My four week pre-training plan officially ended on Saturday and I’m now in full half marathon training mode. I have 5 weeks of ramping up my long runs before my first break, and my weekday runs will start to get a bit longer and more frequent. My husband, Aaron, joined me for a 3 mile run Saturday morning. After a few bad runs this week, Saturday’s run was great. It was overcast and chilly, so we didn’t have to head out super early. As much as I enjoy running by myself, it was really nice to have someone to run with.

July 21 2012

Although I’m focusing on the half, I have two other races to look forward to before the half! Aaron and I are doing a 5k trail/road race at a local vineyard (post-race wine! woohoo!) and a night time fun run on the trail (glow sticks! woohoo!). I’m really looking forward to all three races.

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A slow run is better than no run

2012-07-18 13.53.39

I saw this on my facebook timeline yesterday, courtesy of Brooks running, and it couldn’t have have shown up at a better time. For some reason this week has been rough for my runs. Yesterday morning I couldn’t get myself out of bed (for the second day in a row) and by the time I did it was far too hot to go running; instead, I ran on the treadmill. I know understand why it’s called the dreadmill. I’ve never been a fan of treadmills, but I can say, unequivocally, that I absolutely hate treadmills. 1 mile on that thing felt like 5 miles outside in the mud. I had the treadmill at about my average pace, and altered the pace as need be (because I don’t run a stead pace outside), but omg. Never again.

This morning I did manage to pull myself out of bed and got to the trail by 8:00am, but the air was thick. It was slightly overcast and 74 degrees with 95% humidity. Again, my legs and lungs just felt heavy. I’ve done this run before, but it was wayyy easier the last time. I’m hoping it’s just because it’s week 4 of training and my body is hitting a stubborn spot, but I sure hope it goes away fast! I’m going to go to spinning class tomorrow and see if that can’t kick start my system before Saturday’s “long” run.

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Three weeks down!

Although the weather’s been cooperating over the last few weeks (hey, at least it wasn’t raining when it was 105 degrees!), it stopped being so cooperative today. I ended up not getting out until almost 10:30am because of rain, but I still got my 2.5 miles in. Because Saturday is long run day (yes, yes, laugh all you want at my “long” run), the goal is just to get through the miles, at a pace slower than race-pace. The weekday runs can be used for improving times, Saturday is to increase distance no matter how slow you may have to go in order to get your body used to the distance.

Seeing as my long runs haven’t exactly ramped up yet, my goal was to run as far as possible without stopping. I can easily do 1 mile, so my goal was to get to 1.25 (my turn around point). When I got to 1.25 I felt so good that I decided to continue on to 1.5, and when I got to 2.5 I thought “well I’ve already come this far, why stop now?” and kept going to mile 2. By then my knee was starting to get a bit of a twinge in it, so I walked .1 mi and ran the last .4 mi. Considering how long I sat on my butt during school I’m quite pleased with the progress I’ve made in only three weeks Smile 

July 14 2012

Tomorrow’s a rest day and my first crab feast! I’m looking forward to some well deserved crabs!

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Want to go all the way?

Looking to run a half or full marathon? Or even a 5k? The Baltimore Sun ran an article on what it takes to train for a full or half this morning in anticipation of the Baltimore Running Festival this October:,0,1141763.story.

I ran the 5k a couple of years ago and would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to get started in running (the entire second half is down hill!)