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Back in the saddle again

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So I’m just about two weeks into my training for the Baltimore Half, and although it’s going to be a long couples of months, things seem to be progressing better than expected. I’ve had a couple short runs (1.5 and 2 miles) on a local trail, which I’m using as sort of “pre-training” runs before my training plan fully sets in. I have two more weeks after this week where I will build up to 3 miles, which will be the base for my weekly maintenance runs throughout the training plan.

Last week my best 1.5 mile run was 19:00 even, with about a 12:41 mile. This morning after I was abruptly woken up at 5:30am due to a leaky pipe, I ran 2 miles in 25:28 – 12:29 mile! I’m not sure if it was the time of day or if I’m actually progressing, but I’ll take it! I ran the first mile non-stop both times and took brief walk breaks after that. This morning I walked about .05 mile, ran about .6 mile, walked another .05 mile, and ran to the end, pushing the pace. It wasn’t easy, but I didn’t feel like I was going to die. I think for my “long” run on Saturday (just 2 miles, but ya gotta start somewhere) I’ll try to push the pace for longer. I do think the spinning classes I’ve been taking at my gym have helped quite a bit. It’s certainly not the same, but it works the big muscles and the lungs quite well. It’s also good for the motivation, being able to push through some of those classes.

About a month ago I had purchased a new pair of shoes for my training, a pair of Brooks Adrenaline 12s. In the past I’ve been fit for motion control shoes, but I’ve had issues with them (my right foot pronates because my knee bends inward, my left foot does not pronate), so I had asked to be fit for a neutral shoe. The saleswoman gave me every reason under the sun why I shouldn’t be in neutral, so out of exhaustion I succumbed to the stability shoe. Well, it was a disaster from day one. I felt like I was sliding out of the left shoe and my toes were in excruciating pain after just a mile. Although the store I bought them from typically has a 2 week return policy, they were kind enough to exchange the shoes for a new pair of Saucony Ride 4s and so far they’ve been fantastic. I wasn’t wasting energy this morning trying to keep my feet from sliding outward and was able to put that energy towards moving forward. All in all a good morning.


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