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Early Morning

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Yesterday the forecasted high was 100 – 105. Thankfully I woke up at 5:30am, over an hour before my alarm, and got out for my run by 6:30.  Good thing too, because it felt like a lukewarm sauna out there, even that early. It was nearly 80 degrees when I started my run. I was still a little sore from my run on Thursday, although I’m not really sure why… I only did two miles and then did strength afterwards. I did 45 min easy on the elliptical Friday evening while watching a movie on tv to help loosen my legs up a bit, which did help, but they were still heavy. I took a different route than before, which was a nice change of pace. The scenery is actually a bit better this way. The first mile was probably the slowest mile of my life. It took over 2 min longer than either mile on Thursday or any of my previous runs, and I had to stop to stretch my calves twice. ‘course, I also had to stop and take pictures of the chickens which had come out to greet me. The return trip, however, was quite easy – I ran almost twice as fast as normal, with only a small 20 second walk break. I think I might try that pace (or near it) more often.

Today’s a rest day (considering it was another 102 degree day, I’m rather happy it is), but if the weather cooperates I’m planning on getting out for another 2 miles tomorrow morning and follow it up with some more strength training at the gym.


chicken  chicken 2


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