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For a few weeks I’ve been debating about “just” registering for the race or registering via a fundraising group. Well, today I made up my mind. This year I will be running with the Back On My Feet team. Back On My Feet (BOMF) is a national nonprofit organization that is dedicated to creating independence and self-sufficiency within the homeless and other underserved populations by first engaging them in running as a means to build confidence, strength and self-esteem.

While there were countless worthy causes to choose from, this one seemed to most tangible, the most immediate. Rather than funding research that may or may not yield a cure (don’t get me wrong – I’m all about research and tackling the big, messy issues), BOMF is a very hands-on organization. Rather than giving the homeless food or money, BOMF gives them something much more valuable – confidence, self- respect, and a group that truly believes in them. Hearing the words “I believe in you” or “you can do it” are priceless, although they are often taken for granted by those who have grown up hearing them.

As you can see on the BOMF tab above, I’m aiming to raise $1800 – the cost of hosting a program resident for one year. If you’re able to help me reach this goal, please visit Not only do I appreciate your generosity, those whose lives will be changed by it appreciate it more than words can say.



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