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The long road to 26.2


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This morning I went out for an early(ish) morning run. One of the great things about where I run is just how serene it is. Very few people, lots of greenery and critters. The first thing I saw as I neared the trail this morning was a little fawn wading in the stream. Later on my run, I saw a deer having breakfast in the brush and a hummingbird flitting from flower to flower (sorry, no pictures today). But more importantly, I have shaved almost 34 seconds off of my per-mile pace over the last two weeks! Open-mouthed smile I am absolutely amazed! Although it’s been so long since I last ran, it’s coming back quite quickly, and better than ever. I’m having some issues with a calf muscle that’s given me grief in the past, but I’m looking for ways to strengthen and stretch it and get past it.

While I’m still in “pre-training” I’m running 3 days per week and spinning 1-2 days per week. Once I really get into the swing of training I’ll need to re-evaluate my schedule a bit to make sure I can add the needed miles and cross train all without injury. I love spinning, but I need to figure out where it’ll do the most good for my overall training and not tire my legs too much. Having completed 3 halfs before, It’s helpful knowing that I can do 13.1, but it still seems a bit daunting at this point!

Oh – I also got my first donation last night! yay!! Open-mouthed smile My family knows some amazingly generous people.


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