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The long road to 26.2

Three weeks down!

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Although the weather’s been cooperating over the last few weeks (hey, at least it wasn’t raining when it was 105 degrees!), it stopped being so cooperative today. I ended up not getting out until almost 10:30am because of rain, but I still got my 2.5 miles in. Because Saturday is long run day (yes, yes, laugh all you want at my “long” run), the goal is just to get through the miles, at a pace slower than race-pace. The weekday runs can be used for improving times, Saturday is to increase distance no matter how slow you may have to go in order to get your body used to the distance.

Seeing as my long runs haven’t exactly ramped up yet, my goal was to run as far as possible without stopping. I can easily do 1 mile, so my goal was to get to 1.25 (my turn around point). When I got to 1.25 I felt so good that I decided to continue on to 1.5, and when I got to 2.5 I thought “well I’ve already come this far, why stop now?” and kept going to mile 2. By then my knee was starting to get a bit of a twinge in it, so I walked .1 mi and ran the last .4 mi. Considering how long I sat on my butt during school I’m quite pleased with the progress I’ve made in only three weeks Smile 

July 14 2012

Tomorrow’s a rest day and my first crab feast! I’m looking forward to some well deserved crabs!

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