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The long road to 26.2

Pre-training – done

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It’s amazing how much bad music can ruin a perfectly good workout. I typically go spinning on Tuesday and/or Friday and take the classes with one particular instructor – she’s obnoxiously energetic but it’s exactly what I need. Plus, I like her taste in music, and good music can be really motivating. Due to some last minute issues she wasn’t able to make it for the Friday class and we had a substitute, who was a fine teacher. Not my favorite, but I’ve had worse. But her choice in music was atrocious… The class is normally 45 minutes, but after 35 minutes I just had to leave because I couldn’t stand the music any longer. Angry rap music, teeny bop pop, and horrible 90s flashbacks do not make me want to spin faster unless that bike has wheels. I felt awful leaving, but yikes.

My four week pre-training plan officially ended on Saturday and I’m now in full half marathon training mode. I have 5 weeks of ramping up my long runs before my first break, and my weekday runs will start to get a bit longer and more frequent. My husband, Aaron, joined me for a 3 mile run Saturday morning. After a few bad runs this week, Saturday’s run was great. It was overcast and chilly, so we didn’t have to head out super early. As much as I enjoy running by myself, it was really nice to have someone to run with.

July 21 2012

Although I’m focusing on the half, I have two other races to look forward to before the half! Aaron and I are doing a 5k trail/road race at a local vineyard (post-race wine! woohoo!) and a night time fun run on the trail (glow sticks! woohoo!). I’m really looking forward to all three races.


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