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The long road to 26.2

Is it October yet?

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No, I’m not ready for the race just yet. I just want the October weather! This summer is killing me! Instead of running yesterday, I opted to go to spin class. Our usual teacher was back and all was good in the world. It’s always interesting seeing how the dynamics of each spin session change depending on the time of day and the instructor. The Monday afternoon class seems to skew much older (and almost everyone was wearing a blue shirt… kinda creepy), Tuesday morning’s are more of the mommy-ish bunch, and Friday midday’s are younger working professionals who all have to leave 10-15 minutes early so they don’t overrun their lunch breaks. She gave us a really good workout with both hills and sprints.

This morning I got up well after sunrise and didn’t get out to my run until almost 9:00am. I only did two miles, but pushed the pace and had negative splits for the first time!! yay!! Open-mouthed smile On my way home I saw a gorgeous blue heron in the stream – made me smile Smile 


My phone doesn’t exactly have the best camera, but this was along the trail this morning

P.S. – 80 days!


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