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The long road to 26.2

A beautiful day for a run

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Today’s lessons:

  1. When the app you use to track your runs is working perfectly, don’t update it. Nike released an update to their Nike+ Running app this week, and now my formerly-nearly-perfect gps app is adding mileage. Not much, but still more than it used to. Kinda peeved. Fortunately I’m OCD and mapped out my run beforehand so I had an idea of where I needed to end to get to 9 miles, but then I started second-guessing my perception of 9 miles and pushed an extra .4 miles – not exactly a problem, but still annoying nonetheless.
  2. When they say to Gu every 45 min, they mean it. I waited until 1:15 to take my Gu, when I felt like I was running on E, and then ended up taking a second one much too soon so I wouldn’t be dragging the last mile. Two Gus too soon sit like bricks.


Although this past week certainly hasn’t been as hot as we’ve had this summer, it’s been a hot, humid week. Last night we had some storms come through the area and cool things down – quite a bit. We went from 92 degrees before the storm to 64 degrees just half an hour later, and it’s stayed pretty cool.

Aaron and I set out for 9 miles today. And the cool, crisp almost-fall-like air was a godsend. It was 63 and sunny when we started our run at 9:00am or so, and only got up to 73 by the end (although it never ceases to amaze me just how hot 65 degrees can feel when you’re running). Last week my body wanted nothing to do with running; this week Aaron had the same feeling. Nothing in particular was hurting, but his body seemed content with just being dragged along for the run rather than actually helping out. I, however, was feeling fantastic. On the recommendation of my PT, we didn’t do any hills today – just a straightforward out and back on the trail. Aaron ended up having to drop out around 7 miles due to knee pain, but I kept going and got in 9.4 miles in just over two hours. Much slower than I want/need to be, but at least I got through it. I’m looking forward to 10-11 miles next week.


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