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The long road to 26.2

Taper time

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With my final long run behind me, it’s taper time! Yes, three weeks seems like a lot for a half marathon, but I do have a method to my madness.

  1. My legs prefer longer breaks before long runs. Both in running and in skating, I seem to have my best days after extended breaks.
  2. Although I’m pulling back on the distance, I’m adding in hills.


Growing up in Baltimore, I always thought it was a fairly flat city. I had only ever really walked around the Inner Harbor, which is rather flat. But the first time I ran the Baltimore Half in 2009? Wow! I had no idea there were hills in the city! Now, we’ve got nothing on San Francisco, or even Seattle, but they will certainly get you if you’re not prepared. After all, the first 7 miles are basically uphill. Due to my leg injury I haven’t really been able to do hills, but my leg seems to be beaten into submission, so I’m cautiously adding more and more hills.


I have two hill routes (well, three, but one is just an extension of another) that I primarily focus on. All of them have hills that are far steeper than anything Baltimore will throw at us, but I think that’s good. There aren’t any routes that are long enough and hilly enough, so I have to take what I can get. The hill I ran on today isn’t terribly long (maybe 1/3 of a mile), but it’s an 18% grade. Let me tell you, that is a serious hill. Last time I ran it I was only able to get about halfway up before having to walk (in all fairness, I had just run 7 miles before trying the hill). Today I was able to get about 3/4 of the way up twice. My goal is to get all the way up several times in a row by next week.

And in other exciting news… I’m almost done with PT! Everything seems to be progressing well, and it looks like Friday will be my last session. I do have one scheduled for next week, just in case, but the plan is that I’ll be cancelling it. Keep your fingers crossed!


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