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I think about the Biggest Loser contestants all the time when I’m working out. And I talk to the contestants about running, and running races. I’ve told them that once you start doing it and you have a PR, no matter what distance, next thing you know you want to beat it. There’s such great energy at races, and people from all different walks of life, all abilities. I love being able to share that with contestants. I’m a working mom, not a professional athlete, but I am a runner and that’s a special club. I love the community of running–when you go out and run, you see other runners, little head nod or wave, you’re part of something. And you see a difference in your body and your endurance. -Alison Sweeney, Host, The Biggest Loser

I agree, that’s completely why I run – the addictive nature of it. When I figured skated, I felt the same way – you’re always trying for something you can’t do, for something that alludes you for weeks or even months, and then one day, just as you’re about to give up, you break through the wall and hit your goal. Suddenly, what once seemed impossible is suddenly just part of you. That group, that community that you once looked at from the perspective of an outsider, you’re suddenly in on. As soon as you hit your goal, you set a new goal, and the cycle continues. Without the cycle, without that drive to always be better, what’s the point? What motivates you to get out there on those cold, windy days? The drive to always be better. Knowing that what was once impossible is suddenly not only possible, but easy.


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