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I’m slowly getting my race schedule for 2013 put together, and last night I just registered for my first half of the year! I’ll be running the 5th annual Maryland Half Marathon in May! I registered for the inaugural race 5 years ago but had to withdraw because I had injured myself in another half just three weeks prior. I must give them credit – while most race’s entry fees have gone up year by year, this race has held its value – they’re still charging exactly the same entry fee as they did 5 years ago! It’s a fair bit flatter than Baltimore, although nowhere near as flat at Virginia Beach, so it’ll be a good practice run for Baltimore this fall.


I have also registered for the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5k in June – this will be my third running. It’s a nice low-key-but-still-big event. It’s the second longest running women’s only race in the US and there are usually several thousand women running, from those running 5:00 miles to those walking 35:00 miles. This past year it was pretty toasty, even at 8:00am, and nasty humid, but it was still fun (even though I ran it completely untrained this past year – it was a good wake-up call for me). The bright side? Even if you’re having an awful day, there’s guaranteed to be someone behind you.

ImageI have my eye on a few others, but should probably save up some money before registering for any more races… 🙂


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