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The long road to 26.2

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope the Easter Bilby was good to everyone this year. This year I got a cute porcelain “market box,” like the cardboard ones full of strawberries you’d get from the stands at the farmers market, with some of my favorite chocolates from my Bilby (my momma)  =)

a chocolate easter bilby

   a chocolate easter bilby

Photo Mar 30, 8 51 50 PM

the eggs we dyed last night

Husband and I started out our morning with a trip up to the lake – I ran 5 somewhat-rainy miles and he took the ‘Did for a walk. I was starting to feel hesitant about the half coming up in May, but this run left me feeling pretty confident. I think as I’ve made progress it’s been harder to see the progress I’m continuing to make (well, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it at least). Although it was overcast I did get to see a gorgeous blue heron on the shore of the lake 🙂 I haven’t seen one of them in years – that made the morning much more enjoyable.

Photo Mar 31, 9 50 53 AM

After the run we got cleaned up and headed up to husband’s brother’s house for Easter dinner. It was a big to-do with his wife’s (big) family and his and my husband’s family. As an introvert from a small family, big family gatherings are always a bit overwhelming for me, even when they’re enjoyable. Once we were fully stuffed and socialized, husband and I headed back home for some quiet quality sofa time with the ‘Did. All in all, a good Easter.

Photo Mar 31, 9 17 49 PM


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#RunChat Scavenger Hunt

#RunChat had its first-ever scavenger hunt this month (there’s still time to join in on the fun! it ends March 31st). It’s just fun, nothing terribly serious. But as I looked at the list of items, I realized I pass almost every single one of them on my run – so why not play along? There are prizes – each post is an entry – but it’s just more for something to keep me entertained while training for my spring races. So what did we have to find?

A running sticker (13.1, 26.2, etc.)

Photo Mar 25, 10 25 59 AM

Bridge (bonus for covered)

Photo Mar 28, 12 24 03 PM

A giant hill you’re going to run
(300m, 19% grade! my favorite and most hated hill)


Christmas decorations still up
(the ornaments have been on this tree at least 6 years)

Photo Mar 28, 12 11 58 PM

Historical marker/sign
(the best thing about living on the east coast – these things are everywhere!)


Letters from signs to create #runchat

runchat collage

“Welcome to” state/city/county sign


Water (lake/river/pond)
(the water can be hard to see – the green grasses are growing in the stream)


Trail marker or mile marker


A scene from your favorite place to run
(I used the first, but wish I had used the second – I love running into horses on my trail)


Photo Mar 24, 2 27 29 PM

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Decisions, decisions…

I’m getting ready to head out for a run, but I’m having a tough time deciding where to run. It’s been cold, overcast, and windy (really, auto-correct? I couldn’t have possibly wanted to spell “windy,” I must have meant “win day” or “won ton”??) all day.

Do I go to the spot that’s more open, maybe making it feel a bit warmer, but likely to be windier?

Or the spot that’s shaded, and likely cooler, but less windy?

A bit of a catch-22…

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I’m a spring baby and absolutely love the spring. I look forward to spring as soon as the calendar ticks over to September. There’s just something so great about the longer days, the sun on your (increasingly bare) skin, and everything waking up from a long winter slumber.



This is not funny, Mother Nature! It’s spring! It’s not supposed to be snowing in late March in this neck of the world! *pout*


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It’s funny what a little change in perspective can do for you. Last summer when my long runs were getting past the 5 mile mark, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to them. They seemed incredibly daunting and well, a bit painful. This time around, although they’re not in the realm of “easy” just yet, they’re not psyching me out nearly as much. 8 miles? No biggie.


One of the things I love about the trail that I usually run on is how quiet it is. Usually I prefer to zone out and let the run happen, but as a former railroad, I also love looking around at the abandoned buildings along the trail. Two weeks ago when I did my 7 miler, I came through the same part of the trail that I hit for part of my run today and noticed a new building that I didn’t see last time (guess I was just really excited to get the run done with at that point last time). There are a number of abandoned buildings and they all look different as the seasons change. This is one that caught my eye today. There was no sign, so I’m not sure what it was or how long it’s been in disrepair, but it seemed like a great scene for a horror film or something.


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So I won’t go as far as saying that hills are the devil, but they’re pretty darn close.

hills love hate

It warmed up enough to head out for a bit today. I’m pretty good with endurance, but hills are my Achilles’ heel. Although my first half, the Maryland Half, isn’t terribly hilly, there are some rolling hills, and I’m planning on running the Baltimore Half again in October, so I want to start hill training as soon as possible. Plus, I think it just makes for a more well-rounded runner.

Last year when I tried running hills, the .6 mi warm up nearly did me it. This year, I did a 1 mile warm up and it energized me. Just from that I know I’m in better shape now than last summer. I did three repeats on a 300 m hill on a 19% incline. This hill is ridiculous. I’ll never encounter anything like it in any race I plan on doing, but it’s more psychological for me. If I can conquer this one, I can conquer any race. I made it about 2/3 of the way up each time, with the last time being my best run. My legs hurt. My lungs ached. But it’s a start. It gives me a baseline for the rest of the season.

While I was out today, I noticed something that made me smile. Something barely audible, but inherently springy. Peepers. If I stopped and turned my head in just the right direction, I could hear a faint chorus of peepers along the shores of the river. That was music to my winter-weary ears! I also noticed some wild grasses popping up in one of the streams leading to the river – another sign that spring is surely here, even if the thermometer disagrees.