Run Doodle Run

The long road to 26.2


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It’s funny what a little change in perspective can do for you. Last summer when my long runs were getting past the 5 mile mark, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to them. They seemed incredibly daunting and well, a bit painful. This time around, although they’re not in the realm of “easy” just yet, they’re not psyching me out nearly as much. 8 miles? No biggie.


One of the things I love about the trail that I usually run on is how quiet it is. Usually I prefer to zone out and let the run happen, but as a former railroad, I also love looking around at the abandoned buildings along the trail. Two weeks ago when I did my 7 miler, I came through the same part of the trail that I hit for part of my run today and noticed a new building that I didn’t see last time (guess I was just really excited to get the run done with at that point last time). There are a number of abandoned buildings and they all look different as the seasons change. This is one that caught my eye today. There was no sign, so I’m not sure what it was or how long it’s been in disrepair, but it seemed like a great scene for a horror film or something.



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