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The long road to 26.2

#RunChat Scavenger Hunt

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#RunChat had its first-ever scavenger hunt this month (there’s still time to join in on the fun! it ends March 31st). It’s just fun, nothing terribly serious. But as I looked at the list of items, I realized I pass almost every single one of them on my run – so why not play along? There are prizes – each post is an entry – but it’s just more for something to keep me entertained while training for my spring races. So what did we have to find?

A running sticker (13.1, 26.2, etc.)

Photo Mar 25, 10 25 59 AM

Bridge (bonus for covered)

Photo Mar 28, 12 24 03 PM

A giant hill you’re going to run
(300m, 19% grade! my favorite and most hated hill)


Christmas decorations still up
(the ornaments have been on this tree at least 6 years)

Photo Mar 28, 12 11 58 PM

Historical marker/sign
(the best thing about living on the east coast – these things are everywhere!)


Letters from signs to create #runchat

runchat collage

“Welcome to” state/city/county sign


Water (lake/river/pond)
(the water can be hard to see – the green grasses are growing in the stream)


Trail marker or mile marker


A scene from your favorite place to run
(I used the first, but wish I had used the second – I love running into horses on my trail)


Photo Mar 24, 2 27 29 PM


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