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Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter! I hope the Easter Bilby was good to everyone this year. This year I got a cute porcelain “market box,” like the cardboard ones full of strawberries you’d get from the stands at the farmers market, with some of my favorite chocolates from my Bilby (my momma)  =)

a chocolate easter bilby

   a chocolate easter bilby

Photo Mar 30, 8 51 50 PM

the eggs we dyed last night

Husband and I started out our morning with a trip up to the lake – I ran 5 somewhat-rainy miles and he took the ‘Did for a walk. I was starting to feel hesitant about the half coming up in May, but this run left me feeling pretty confident. I think as I’ve made progress it’s been harder to see the progress I’m continuing to make (well, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it at least). Although it was overcast I did get to see a gorgeous blue heron on the shore of the lake 🙂 I haven’t seen one of them in years – that made the morning much more enjoyable.

Photo Mar 31, 9 50 53 AM

After the run we got cleaned up and headed up to husband’s brother’s house for Easter dinner. It was a big to-do with his wife’s (big) family and his and my husband’s family. As an introvert from a small family, big family gatherings are always a bit overwhelming for me, even when they’re enjoyable. Once we were fully stuffed and socialized, husband and I headed back home for some quiet quality sofa time with the ‘Did. All in all, a good Easter.

Photo Mar 31, 9 17 49 PM


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