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The long road to 26.2

Disappointment and Surprise

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My left shin splint/tendonitis has been acting up since my 7 mile run. After the 8 mile run the other week it throbbed and spazed all week, even while I was sitting on the sofa watching tv. Looking at how things have been progressing and the amount of time left on the calendar between now and the Maryland Half, I have decided to defer my half to next year. Although I was really looking forward to the race, I don’t want to risk doing more damage or injuring myself even further. I’m still running the 10k in a few weeks and the 5k in June, but I’m going to be capping my runs at about 5 or 6 miles for a while. This will also hopefully give me time to focus more on strengthening my legs and hips, which I think are actually the root of the problem.

That being said, I went out for a hill run today. You know, the best and worst hill in town. The one I’ve never run all the way up. Last time I ran 3 repeats, this time I planned on 4.


Well, today I conquered it. Twice. Well, technically the second time included a 10-15 foot walk near the top before restarting the run, but I made it. The mental aspect of running has always been much more burdensome for me than the physical, and today I conquered both. Restarting once I stopped to walk has always been a challenge. Today it wasn’t.



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