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My self-imposed hiatus is just about over – my leg is feeling pretty good (haven’t had a twinge in a few days!) and I’m ready to get back out on the roads.

But just because I haven’t been running doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. What’s one to do when one cannot run for two weeks?


Bond over the westies’ favorite past time

Photo May 01, 1 08 45 PM
Photo May 01, 1 11 43 PM

Go to Homecoming and Alumni Weekend

Photo Apr 27, 3 14 04 PM

Photo Apr 27, 12 32 17 PM

Go to the beach with husband and ‘Did

Even though it was 54 and super windy, it was a great day to be at the beach and visit husband’s alma matter

Photo May 04, 8 48 18 AM

really? who gets stuck in a traffic jam at 9:00am on a Saturday?





Plant a veggie garden

So many peppers and tomatoes…
La Roma Tomatoes
Sweet Peppers
Red Beauty Peppers
Purple Beauty Peppers
Hungarian Yellow Wax Peppers….

All this and we still exercised a ridiculous amount of self-restraint…
Vegetable Garden-20130506

Vegetable Garden-20130506-6

Photo May 07, 12 03 32 AM

Go to a sheep festival and pet so many sheepies….

P1010310 P1010312 P1010314 P1010318

How was your weekend??


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