Run Doodle Run

The long road to 26.2


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Yesterday I did something new, something a bit uncomfortable.

I ran for time rather than mileage.

I seriously need to do this more often.

Yesterday husband, dog, and I went for a 6 mile hike with one of my local alumni groups. It was an absolutely great day for it, too – overcast, 65-70 degrees, just a bit humid. The “hike” was out and back 3 miles each way, and (unbeknownst to me) included about an hour and a half for lunch at the town at the turnaround. Well, a) 11:00am is a bit early for lunch for me, and b) the town wasn’t all that big or bustling, so when we got there, husband, dog, and I kept walking – we really wanted to make sure the dog was worn out! I was planning on running after the hike, but about a quarter mile up the road I was getting the itch to just run, so I did. I told husband I’d be back – just going to do 15 minutes up and 15 minutes back. There was no pressure to get to a certain point (plus I don’t know this part of the trail, so it’s all new and different), so I just winged it. I felt like I was floating on the way out, and managed to cover 1.33 miles in 15 min – a decent pace for me!

And then I remembered why I felt so good… The trail goes downhill. Which means I now had to go uphill.

The trail is “flat,” so it’s deceiving when it’s changing grades. The return trip took me an extra minute or so and I had to walk a teeny bit, but it was still a nice run that I can’t complain about. I just had a really nice, long warm up and cool down 🙂 This run felt as good as the run I had during the Sole of the City 10k a few weeks ago.


And today we went to a fantastic event for a fantastic cause. The Maryland Westie Rescue had its annual fundraiser, Wine and Fleas, at the Barrel Oak Winery in VA. The winery is dog-friendly (BOW – get it??) and there were tonnnnnns of super cute, perky little Westies and other dogs too. The ‘did behaved amazingly well, even though she was a bit confused about all of these dogs that looked like her cousins but certainly didn’t smell like them. All of the dogs were great, really – I’d definitely recommend this winery to anyone who wants to have a relaxing afternoon with their pups.






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