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So I’m thinking of joining a training group for my fall half training. The local running store has a group (a couple, really, one at each of their locations) and it seems quite reasonable. I tried one a few years back but wasn’t at the right point to successfully join it, so I dropped out after the first run, which was really disheartening, but I think I’m in a much better place to try it this time (eg I can run 5 miles, like they request) and I’ve been through the training (properly) on my own.

Unfortunately, however, my Garmin was stolen last weekend while I was visiting a friend in Connecticut. Sad face. I was really looking forward to using it this training cycle, especially for interval training, but it seems I am SOL for the time being. *big sigh*

But on the bright side I got to see a good friend of mine last night! She was in town for Father’s Day and her mother’s birthday, so her and her mom and me and my mom got together last night at a great restaurant to celebrate 🙂 The restaurant, Mezze, is a great Greek tapas-style restaurant – the best part is ordering a bunch of small plates and sharing with friends.


Speaking of celebrating, today is me and husband’s wedding anniversary (two years!). Crazy how time flies…


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