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Diet Pepsi Anonymous

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My name is Stephanie and I… I… I am a Diet Pepsi addict. *sobs* It all started so innocently in high school, and then… and then it turned in to this… I don’t know how I got to this point…

One of my goals for this summer is to significantly reduce my soda consumption. My goal is to be down to one can a day by August 1st and almost completely soda-free by Labor Day. I’m never going to completely give it up, but I want to be to the point that it’s a treat at BBQ or a football game or something, not my go-to drink.

I am down to 1-2 cans per day most days (yes… I know… it’s still an improvement). I hate the taste of the stuff, yet i still compulsively drink it.

I had managed to not have any after my run yesterday until about 3:30pm, when a caffeine headache kicked in. I indulged. I had one can of Diet Pepsi. Almost immediately I realized how awful it made my stomach feel and how ravenous it made me feel! Kinda oxymoronic, no? I feel awful and nauseous, so let’s stuff more food in. Right. I had been fully satiated just half an hour earlier, and as soon as I had the soda all I could think about was food (and not the good kind).

I’m doing this to be healthier overall, but also to help my running and make sure that I’m properly hydrated all summer long. But this experience just made me that much more adamant about cutting soda out (or down substantially).


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