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Product Review – Power Bar Performance Energy Blasts


It turns out that while training groups certainly provide camaraderie and coaching, there’s another big perk – free stuff! Before our long run on Saturday morning we had a guest speaker talk about nutrition and hydration. Best part? Shoe boxes full of free fuel for us to try! Trying not to be too much of a hog (there were still lots of people out on their much-longer-than-mine runs), I grabbed a variety of items that I have never tried before.

Before my hill repeats workout this morning I decided to try out the Power Bar Performance Energy Blasts in orange flavor. I have never had any Power Bar products before, but I know that races tend to have their products out on the course and that I should probably try their stuff out sometime.

Observation: The bag is one serving, and has about 8 (maybe 10?) pieces in it. Each piece is about the size of a quarter, but about 1/2″ thick and is really quite chewy, like a gummy bear, but has a moist center.

Opinion: The first thing I noticed is that the serving size seemed pretty big. It probably took me 20 minutes to get all of them down. However, I really liked them. I know you still need water to help the stomach absorb them properly, but it wasn’t like a gel where you NEED the water to wash it down. They sat well in my stomach and I felt fully energized for tackling my nemesis hill.

Bottom Line: I would happily try these again. These certainly aren’t something I could see myself stashing and munching on the run, especially because it took so long to chew each one and the packet it pretty big. But if you’re someone who tends to have a lot of nervous/anxious energy before a race, they could be a great option for pre-race fueling because they give you something to focus on that isn’t down the hatch in 7 seconds. Also good for people who like to pop a small bite on the run more frequently rather than chugging a gel pack every 45-60 min. Just make sure you don’t have a stuffy nose, or it could turn south quick.


4 thoughts on “Product Review – Power Bar Performance Energy Blasts

  1. Interesting post.. I’ve only had the gels so it’s good to read an opinion on the bloks.. I’m surprised about the 20 minutes… that’s a long time to be dealing with nutrition on the run.


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