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Busy Long Weekend!

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So although I talk about running on here a lot, I promise I do have a life. It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here, and the move made it even more harried, but here’s what I’ve been up lately to when not running!

Two weekends ago I organized an alumni night for my b-school at the Bowie Baysox, an AA-affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles. It’s the first time we’ve ever tried a non-networking social event and had no idea whether or not alumni would embrace the idea. Turns out they did! Here’s some of us down by the field.

The National Aquarium in Baltimore opened its new Blacktip Reef exhibit and we got an after-hours peek!


upside down jellies


all of that coral was hand-made!


this little longhorn cowfish is kind of a camera whore. every time she sees a flash she comes running and poses 🙂 sometimes she’ll even blow kisses 🙂

I found out that our local greeting card store is selling Christmas ornaments and Halloween decorations… in July… *groan*


And Husband and I spent the day yesterday at Six Flags Great Adventure! There’s nothing better than riding roller coasters all day, and that’s exactly what we did! It was a gorgeous day to be outside and screaming. My throat’s a little sore from all the screaming and my arms are a little bruised from Kingda Ka, but it was a great day. If you love coasters and haven’t been on Kingda Ka, you have to go ride it. It’s really more of a thrill ride than a true coaster, but it’s great.  It’s the world’s tallest (456 ft) and the second fastest, launching you from 0-128mph in 3.5 seconds! The entire ride only lasts 25 seconds, but if you can manage to keep your eyes open it’s a great view from the top! In fact, if you love coasters, this park has got some of the best (El Toro was voted the best wooden coaster in 2012, Nitro was voted third best for the past 7 years). We’re planning another trip later in the summer and I can’t wait :):)


Kingda Ka


Looking straight down 456 ft!


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