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Wondrous Wednesday

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So my workout plans yesterday got totally derailed. But for a really good reason, I swear!

Tuesday was track night with my training group – our first real track workout. Yikes! So scared. We had to use the McMillan calculator, based on our 2 mile time trial last week, to determine our goal pace for the week’s workout – 2×800, 400 easy, 1:00 rest, rinse and repeat. The goal was to join a group (4:00, 4:30, 5:00, etc) and aim to finish our 800 :30-:45 faster than the group time, use that time to rest, and then start the next set.

I actually did way better than I thought I would! McMillan said I should aim for 5:33-5:58, but I joined the 6:00 group for a challenge. Most 800s were finished with a minute (or more!). Guess I need to learn to stop underestimating myself 🙂

After that hard workout I was planning on doing some cardio and core/upper body strength yesterday, but Wednesday was my momma’s birthday! Husband and I decided we needed to do something for it – and when we decide to do something that usually means we cook. A lot.

I baked a cake I’ve been wanting to try for months as well as bite-sized fillet Oscar (so yum!) that she had mentioned wanting to try a few days ago.

Husband made spinach puffs (sooo delish), chicken satay, and chile garlic shrimp as well as fresh margaritas!

All in all a great day/evening, even if my only workout came from standing way too long and juggling too many bowls!


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