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The long road to 26.2

Long run Saturday!

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My training group paid for itself today. Long runs are tough, especially as they get longer. But having a group to run with, to pull each other through the tough spots, makes it that much easier. The accountability and camaraderie can’t be matched.

The store that runs my training group has five locations, so there are five full groups, five HM groups, and a hand full of groups for the 12 miler they are holding next week. We all came together downtown today for a mass run.

I was planning on 7.5-8 miles and joined up with some other women, although they typically run faster than me. Rather than following the (very complicated) route sheet that the store provided, we improvised and ran along the Inner Harbor, winding our way up and down the piers and around the city.

My perennial problem is pacing. The more sore or uncomfortable I get, the faster I tend to want to run, which means I run out of steam sooner. no way that’s a good plan. The ladies I was with were really good at holding me back and letting me take the lead so that they didn’t push me too hard. Although last summer I had a (mostly) successful training season, I already feel so much better about how this training cycle will turn out. Thanks to these fabulous ladies, I ran 7.6 miles at :14 faster per mile than my 6 miler last week.

Afterwards the store provided us with breakfast and a very cute pup to hang out with 🙂



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