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Hill Night

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Have you added hills to your workout routine yet??

They can be daunting, and for many people they present the ultimate challenge, but there are so many benefits for those brave enough the put them in rotation.


looking all shiny and clean before hitting the hills

When I added hills in earnest this past winter I noticed benefits almost immediately. Your legs become more powerful, your lungs get a better workout, and the rush you feel when you crest your nemesis hill is unlike any other.

I typically run short hill repeats, a 19% grade for 300m or so, but tonight my running group did long hill repeats (1/2 mile). The route we did was really two hills – a short uphill, a small downhill, and then a long sloping uphill – but is a great preparation for the long, persistent hills for which the Baltimore Half is so famous. Best part? It was through the neighborhood I grew up in. We ran past my elementary and middle schools! Take that, bad memories of running in gym class. Hah!

Have you added hills to your repertoire? What changes have you noticed since adding them?

I’ve noticed that I’ve had to work harder on the flats – they just don’t feel as easy as they used to! Hills are becoming much easier, but I still need to work on pacing through them.


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