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Injury Eval


I haven’t run in almost two weeks due to the extreme pain I had in my shin and hip. I tried running to the track for an easy workout last tuesday while my group was doing trails but I wasn’t able to make it even .05 mi before i had to hobble back to the car. Yesterday I was finally able to see the PT for an injury eval.

Good news – my hip pain was probably due to a strained hip flexor. Should be just fine on its own.

Bad news – my shin pain was worrisome enough that she sent me next door to an orthopedist who recommended an X-ray. That came back showing “thickness” in the same area I’m having pain, which could indicate that either that I’m a runner or that I have a stress fracture. I go in next Wednesday for a bone scan to determine whether or not it’s a stress fracture.

The ortho didn’t say that my HM and ATM plans should be put back on the shelf just yet, but I should mentally prepare myself for the real possibility of that.




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