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Good news!!!

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I have two shoes again!! And I’m not breaking the rules!! 😀

Finally got some good news from the ortho! The stress fracture is healing nicely and I can get out of the boot! I have to wear running shoes 24/7 though – no flip flops, no Uggs, no hard shoes – and if I get any pain in the bone I am to go back to the boot.

For the next four weeks I can increase my activity level, but it needs to be non- or low-impact (i.e. no running), but that’s fine by me. Strength training of the legs is back in to rotation, so I’m super happy about that. First things first, strengthening the left calf. I’ve been tippy-toeing exclusively on my right foot for the last two months and the legs are now way out of whack. I may not be a doctor, but I know that’s just asking for another injury when I get back to running if I don’t fix that.

I’m also really looking forward to getting back into stretching. It’s important for the healing leg, but it’s also vital for the rest of me – my hips and back have been super tight. The boot has altered my gait just enough that everything is moving in ways it’s not used to and because I haven’t been really working out this whole time, it’s just compounding.

The ortho did point out on the X-ray that I have a wavy fibula, which indicates I may have injured my leg previously. She’s a little concerned about that, especially because I never noticed it and therefore never treated it. I’m getting a bone density scan soon to rule out osteopenia.

I go back to her just before Turkey Day to see how things are progressing – hopefully that’ll be the end of this ordeal! Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s a gorgeous day and I need to go enjoy having two functional ankles :):)


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