Run Doodle Run

The long road to 26.2

Double or nothing

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I have talked for years about doing a marathon. I have thought about what it takes to plan for it and get ready for it. It usually comes down to some rationalization about needing to reach this goal or that goal before I can do it.

Well, to hell with planning and goals.

Next fall, I will run a marathon.

I have a year to prepare and get psychologically ready, which should be more than enough time. And unless the ortho gives me a compelling reason for not doing one, I will.

I will ease my mileage and intensity up over this winter and spring. I will strength train properly and effectively. I will cut out soda from my diet (I’m quite convinced that was a major contributing factor in setting the stage for my stress fracture), and I will alter my diet and lifestyle to help me get my weight down and my activity level up. WordPress followers as my witness, I will do this.


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