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2013 in Review

Well, we are once again at the end of another year. Carson Daly is on TV, the neighbors are shooting off fireworks, and the bubbly is poured.

I must admit, I’ve been waiting for this year to be over with for several weeks now. There have been some high points – including setting a 5k and 10k PR – but pretty much everything else about this year has sucked. There were numerous personal setbacks that I haven’t discussed on here, and then breaking my leg was really just the icing on the cake. I’m very fortunate to have caring and supportive family and friends, but I really need the universe to stop being an ass.

Although my hip flexor went spastic on me during PT yesterday and my year-end run that I had hoped for today had to be cancelled, I did have a nice surprise today when I tallied up my mileage for 2013. 350 miles! This was WAY more than I had expected seeing as I’ve been injured over half of the year! This does give me hope going into 2014. If I can get strong and stay injury-free, I know I’m capable of so much.

Here’s to a fabulous 2014!


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Pinteresting food choices

I love Pinterest. I really have a rather unnatural affinity for it. I’m a very visual person so I love the ease with which you can create a visual favorites list that you can come back to later. However, my one big pet peeve with Pinterest, and a lot of sites, honestly, is the amount of recipes that are super sugary/creamy/floury. I eat a lot of carbs. Some good, most not so good. It’s always been my weakness. And I’m making a concerted effort to reduce the number of creamy and baked goods I consume – which is super hard because I have a serious soft spot for a good cheese plate. But it seems like all the recipes on Pinterest – and really, the vast majority of websites – are all about baking or stuff that’s loaded with sugar, milk, and/or cream.

I’ve kinda OD-ed on sugar this past week and really don’t want to see that crap for a while. I love you, sugar, but we love each other better from a distance.

Do you have trouble finding good websites for recipes? I’m not talking like crazy health-conscious vegan/paleo sites, just sites with mostly healthy-ish options. I like meat, I loooove me some broccoli (much to my father’s chagrin), I love Asian inspired foods, I’m coming around to certain grains (I bought a bag of quinoa but need to work up the hutzpah to actually make it), and even though I love raw cauliflower, I think pureed cauliflower is a crap ass substitute for mashed potatoes or alfredo sauce. Basically I like anything but “American” food.

If you’ve found some good sites in your travels, which ones do you recommend?

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First legit run!

So I’ve been in physical therapy for five weeks now, using the super awesome Alter G treadmill to retrain my running form and doing all sorts of strengthening exercises to fix my biomechanical inefficiencies – and I was finally set free to run in the wild! I still have two more weeks of PT, but my therapist thinks I’ve made enough progress to safely add outdoor running into my routine again! Woohoo!

I went to a local track tonight (nice and padded) for my first real outdoor run in ages. My dad and I are training for a St. Patricks day 5k and his training has been on hold while my running has been on hiatus. It felt really good to get back out there, even if it wasn’t much. We walked four laps, and ran the straight sides of three laps. No pain, no aches, no problem 🙂 It did feel a bit weird to be running at a faster cadence (I’ve been at 160-166 bpm) than I’m used to, but it felt good. I’m really looking forward to the next!