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I love Pinterest. I really have a rather unnatural affinity for it. I’m a very visual person so I love the ease with which you can create a visual favorites list that you can come back to later. However, my one big pet peeve with Pinterest, and a lot of sites, honestly, is the amount of recipes that are super sugary/creamy/floury. I eat a lot of carbs. Some good, most not so good. It’s always been my weakness. And I’m making a concerted effort to reduce the number of creamy and baked goods I consume – which is super hard because I have a serious soft spot for a good cheese plate. But it seems like all the recipes on Pinterest – and really, the vast majority of websites – are all about baking or stuff that’s loaded with sugar, milk, and/or cream.

I’ve kinda OD-ed on sugar this past week and really don’t want to see that crap for a while. I love you, sugar, but we love each other better from a distance.

Do you have trouble finding good websites for recipes? I’m not talking like crazy health-conscious vegan/paleo sites, just sites with mostly healthy-ish options. I like meat, I loooove me some broccoli (much to my father’s chagrin), I love Asian inspired foods, I’m coming around to certain grains (I bought a bag of quinoa but need to work up the hutzpah to actually make it), and even though I love raw cauliflower, I think pureed cauliflower is a crap ass substitute for mashed potatoes or alfredo sauce. Basically I like anything but “American” food.

If you’ve found some good sites in your travels, which ones do you recommend?


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