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The long road to 26.2

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Treadmill Conversion

We all know there are crazy runners out there, those who run in blizzards and when it’s so cold that your tears freeze to your lashes, those who truly let nothing stop them from getting out for a run. But if you’re not one of those brave (unhinged?) runners, you’re probably getting to know your treadmill quite well during this cold snap.

Truth be told, I’ve always hated the treadmill. However, after using it and the Alter G in PT this winter I’ve discovered that it’s not totally awful – just mostly awful. There’s a lot of debate about how treadmill running compares to outdoor running, and I will ALWAYS urge outdoor running if you’re training for a race seeing as most races are, well, outdoors, but one blog has come up with a rough conversion chart for how treadmill running compares to outdoor running.

I’m not entirely sure what I think of this, but I do think it’s an interesting concept. I don’t agree with the incline bit, per se, but hill training certainly has benefited by flat-terrain pace. So, take it with a grain of salt and do with it what you will, but I think it’s too interesting not to pass along. Happy Running (and defrosting)!

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I’ve been set free!!! No more PT!!! *happy dance* I actually enjoyed PT and really liked the people there, but I’m happy to be done with them.

I am still limited in my activity – only short bursts of running with plenty of strength training for now, building up my running time week by week. But, on the bright side, my therapist okayed a half marathon in the fall. Looks like my first full will have to wait until 2015, but I’d rather wait than end up injured again. Although I still have the walking boot, I have no intentions of ever using it again (unless I’ve got a seriously awesome story to go with it).

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Birthday Pup!

Two years ago today husband and I went to the local animal shelter to check out the available dogs. We assumed that like at most animal shelters it’d be mostly pit bull types and we’d walk in and walk out. (Full disclosure – I have no problems with bully breeds as a whole, but not owning a home yet we didn’t want a dog that could limit our options in the future; our state had just passed legislation that made landlords very weary of renting to those who own bully breeds).

So we walked in and saw all the crazy, barky, bouncy dogs (and an adorable pot belly pig!), and decided none of them were for us. On our way back out, this pretty little red headed girl, an Irish Setter who we hadn’t seen earlier, was standing in her cage, doing the slightest bit of a tap dance and looking up at us with her big black eyes. I got down to her level and her face just lit up and her tail, which was tucked as far as possible between her legs, started wagging ever so slightly. Husband asked if I wanted to see her and, after hemming and hawing, I might have possibly said yes (the jury’s still out). Off he went to get the attendant, who leashed her up, and the little redhead immediately leaned her body into my legs and looked up at me with a look of relief and longing – there was no way I could put a girl as pretty as her back into that cage.

We have no idea how old our lean leaner really is, but today is her second “birthday” with us. And although she drives me nuts, I’m glad we stopped and looked at the little dancer.

birthday pup