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Hey, Look! She’s Alive!!

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Yes, yes, I am, in fact, still alive. As most of you can attest, this has been once hellacious winter. First it snowed, and then it snowed again, and then it got to Siberian levels of frigid, then we got half an inch of ice (and were without power for nearly 36 hours), and then, to add insult to injury, mother nature surprised us with 24″ of snow. And more cold. Not counting what snow we got in December, we have had snow on the ground nearly every (EVERY!) day since New Year’s Day. And I do not live in Montana.

Photo Feb 03, 11 19 11 AM

Photo Feb 06, 3 18 49 PM (1)

Photo Feb 13, 11 33 01 AM

After oh so many workouts in my basement (thank you for keeping me somewhat sane, DVRed Olympics!), and more snow, I finally waved my little white flag and flew the coup for Florida. I heart my friends who have a vacation home in Florida. They were so kind as to invite me just before the 24″ of snow came in, and when I saw that on the forecast, it didn’t really take a whole lot of arm twisting to convince me to go. Only to come back to see more snow. Ugh.

 Photo Feb 20, 10 58 34 AM

(I heart Johnny and Tara.)

Photo Feb 24, 5 17 33 PM

But when I got back last week, it suddenly dawned on me – I have a 5k coming up! And I haven’t run in weeeeeks! Ahhh!!

Despite the fact that my favorite trail is still covered in snow and ice, I took advantage of a somewhat warm day and hit up the closed road at the reservoir this morning. It was a fairly nice morning (40 degrees and sunny), but holy *#@$! The wind at the reservoir was beyond bitter. And my rosacea is currently punishing me for deciding to continue on. But, I got a run in. I did more walking than running, but it was my first run on the road since August (and it was particularly poignant because this is the place where I think I really did my leg in back then). I made sure to focus on fixing all the issues my PT and I worked on – shorter strides, quicker turnover, not letting my hips collapse, etc . It was not a pleasant run, but it was a run – an outdoor run. And I’ll take that for now.

Photo Mar 09, 12 00 23 PM

And the other great part about today? It’s 6:40pm and the sun is still up!! I love daylight saving. Even if I can’t have warm, I will happily accept more sunlight.


One thought on “Hey, Look! She’s Alive!!

  1. I love your post. I, too, have despaired about the snow–except we live in a city, and the sidewalks are too narrow to run (because of the 2+ feet of snow we’ve gotten)–not to mention that if you run on the sidewalk, the street crossing might be blocked!–and the streets are too narrow too run (if it’s too narrow for cars, I don’t want to chance it!). It’s been dreadful! Thank goodness for daylight savings–I can now go to our local college farm’s trails!


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