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So many races, so little time….

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I have my first 10k of the year this upcoming weekend, and rather than worrying about how under-trained I am for it, I’m choosing to focus on the fall racing season. I still need to pick a target race – 10 miler or half marathon – but there are too many choices and too little time money.

The key contenders are the Baltimore Half Marathon and the Army Ten Miler. Baltimore is expensive ($100! For a half!), and although ATM is on my must-do list (after DNSing twice), I need a hotel room for it. But if we’re talking hotel rooms, then Philly, Richmond, and Bird-in-Hand enter the discussion, among others… Too many choices!!

How do you decide which race(s) to do? Are there any must-do races you’d recommend? I’m usually pretty decisive, but for some reason I just can’t make a choice this year…


One thought on “So many races, so little time….

  1. I ran RnR Philly last fall, and the course is great — super flat if you like that sort of thing.

    I believe there is another half in Philly in November with the philadelphia marathon that has a similar course (if not the same).


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