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The long road to 26.2

Downhills and Pickles and Cherries, Oh My!

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In the run-up to the Boston Marathon, you’re sure to see lots of news sources that don’t usually write about running trying to write about running – I think even more so this year.

The same thing happens in the run-up to the New York City Marathon as well, but this year, with Boston being so high-profile, even for those who never even knew about the race, I think more and more media sources are getting in on the gig.

The Wall Street Journal (one of my daily reads) put out an article on muscle soreness. It’s a common theme that unites all runners, whether you’re a 100m gazelle or a 100 mile mountain goat – muscle soreness. We all get it, we all try to quash it. But have you ever wonder why your muscles get sore during and after a run? And why it’s especially bad after a downhill run? Here’s a quick and dirty primmer on muscle soreness, and a few odd-ball solutions to your post-run pain.


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