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Runner jeans??


Runner’s butt and runner’s thighs. You know you’re proud of all the hard work you’ve done – especially when it shows up in the mirror. But what’s more frustrating than finally getting the definition and speed you’ve been aiming for than not fitting into any of your jeans (or anyone’s jeans, for that matter…)?? Well, there’s a new up-start that’s taking that problem to heart and designing jeans specifically for athletic/active women.

Barbell Denim is creating the “anti-thigh gap” jeans, aimed at women with well-muscled legs and butts. I just read about these on Be Well Philly’s facebook page and am already super excited about the idea. As a skater and a runner I’ve constantly had trouble finding jeans that fit and that last. Every pair of jeans I’ve owned over the last five years has split or worn out in the exact same area because I don’t have bird legs. I haven’t tried them yet, but I definitely support the idea behind them!


2 thoughts on “Runner jeans??

  1. This is a great idea – for the last few years I’ve been wearing Jeggings but only because they are stretchy.


    • I know, right?? I wear running pants all the time (well, at least when it’s socially acceptable to! if only nike or under armour would come out with a suit to wear to work…) for the same reasons – they move much better with me and don’t restrict my motion.


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