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Sometimes you need to have a really crappy stretch to better appreciate the good. Aside from my track workouts the last two weeks, I’ve been in kind of a funk and honestly haven’t been running or working out nearly as much as I should. When I woke up this morning, I immediately changed into running clothes. I had no intentions of running until the afternoon, but I thought it was worth a shot – maybe if I’m already dressed for the part, I’ll be more likely to act the part. And whaddaya know? It worked.

We’re expecting up to 4″ of rain tomorrow, so getting out for a run of any length was a major priority for today. It was windy, but a great afternoon for a run.  Rather than focusing on distance, I’m trying to use time as a main focus of my training right now. I seem to hit some mental blocks when I do or don’t hit certain mileages, so no better time to try something new – 15 min out, 15 min back, focusing on feel and effort rather than the Garmin. After my warm up, where I got to see some cute little indigo buntings flitting around, I started running, paying close attention to the motion of my left leg and hip and my breathing. Aside from the pollen plotting to take me down with a massive coughing fit a few minutes in, I never stopped running. I even made it past my perpetual mental block, which occurs about .4 miles from the finish, without batting an eye. And I knew immediately that I ran a negative split because I still had :18 to go when I got back to my starting point!

Mile 1 – 11:44
Mile 2 – 11:38
Mile .6 – 11:08 pace

This was exactly what I needed. I’m 5 weeks out from the 5k, 6 weeks out from the Dreaded Druid Hills. I need to seriously kick up my running – with special emphasis on hill work. I’m confident about the 5k right now. I’m pretty confident I will be ready for the 10k – it may not be my best showing (obviously, it’s no one’s best showing), but I don’t think I’ll need to be dragged by my feet to the finish.

This next month will be focusing on doing what I need to do, even if/when I don’t want to do it. I need to suck it up and get up at 5:00am on Saturdays and go running with a group. I need to go out on grossly hot days, rainy days, and cold days. I need to push much closer to my breaking point on the track. And I need to focus more on strength training to prevent injuries and reinjury. Above all, I need to be all in.

I may not have much control over my life these days, but I can at least control my running.

first step


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