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Track Night!

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A year ago I would never have believed that I’d look forward to track night, but it’s quickly becoming my favorite workout of the week, for so many reasons. Tonight I was expecting 5×600, but when we got there we were told to do 4×800 with 400 recovery in between. Yikes! I can totally do it, but it was kinda scary being caught off guard. 

Photo May 20, 6 40 59 PM

For pretty much the entire workout I just couldn’t get my hips to feel right – they weren’t sore or achey or anything, they just weren’t cooperating and felt wonky. Since there was no pain, I kept going, aiming for 10:00-10:15 800s and 11:30 400s. Once I got warmed up after the first repeat, things settled down a bit and I felt more in sync for the remainder of the workout. 


My goal for the 5k is to run a sub-34:00 race. I’ve been making steady progress over the last few years and I think this year will be no exception. So I was stunned when I was coming up on 3.1 miles to look at my Garmin and see 32:18. Holy moly!! So excited about that! I’m not reevaluating my goal yet, but it might be on the horizon. I still need to get ready for Dreaded Druid Hills before I start reevaluating the 5k goals – the 5k is on Sunday and DDH is the following Saturday. I want to push myself but make sure there’s still something in the tank for a successful 10k. 


After the workout we rushed home to catch the Dancing With the Stars finale! I am totally addicted to this show and am an unapologetic Meryl fan. I don’t normally drink on Mondays, but after tonight’s performance on the track and the super exciting finale I decided it was okay to break the rules (because what are rules for if not for breaking??).

Photo May 20, 9 24 46 PM


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