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#RunChatHunt Time!

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For those of you who mightn’t be familiar with #runchat, it’s a seriously great online community for runners. It really started out as a weekly chat (Sundays at 8:00pm or 10:00pm eastern), but it’s so much more than that.

In order to make things a bit more fun (and let’s face it, with hot and humid summer runs ahead of us we could probably all use a distraction on our runs!), they have scavenger hunts every so often, and it’s scavenger hunt time again! Throughout June, runners are encouraged to find photos of the following items and post them on twitter with the hashtag #RunChatHunt for a chance to win some awesome stuff. Because I’m a total nerd, I’m going to be keeping track of all of mine right here! Happy hunting!!

#RunChatHunt 3.0 Scavenger Hunt Items
1. Trail path (or evidence of running on a trail)
2. Funny road/store/church sign
3. A dog (yours or someone else running with one)
4. Someone fishing
5. Sunrise or sunset
6. Farm equipment
7. Road kill
8. A great local dive bar
9. Pay phone
10. Gnome


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