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Guess I got overly confident?


So perhaps I spoke to soon.

I guess technically I didn’t. I did make it through the spring without injury. But three days in to June I went and blew it.

Last night was track night. It was seriously hot and humid, so I was running my 4x800s on feel, not pace. My legs felt heavy and somewhat useless from the get go. I felt more like I was plodding than running, even though I was running at a pretty decent clip. It was so nasty that I walked half of each of my recovery laps, something which I haven’t yet had to do this training season.

On my third repeat I started noticing some discomfort in my left leg – took stock, slowed down, and kept going. On the fourth repeat, I got a sharp pain in my left tibia. Bone pain, not soft tissue pain. Three more steps – yep, still there. About 600m in to my last 800 I walked and abandoned my final recovery lap.

It’s just not worth it.

I’m taking the week off – no running, not even on national running day (sadface). No long run this week. Super bummed because I was looking forward to running in a new location.

My right Achilles was sore after last night’s run, which leads me to believe the left leg issues is at least partially related to my shoes. All of my running shoes are on their last legs right now. As a result, I decided to retire my second pair of original Brooks PureCadences.


I have a new pair on order and they can’t get here fast enough. I’ll need to get a second pair soon as well, so I need to decide which way I’m going with that pair – a second pair of PureCadence? Or another cushier, more supportive shoe?

Why can’t I just run?


2 thoughts on “Guess I got overly confident?

  1. I hope you’re ok! Take it easy and get better soon!


  2. Hang in there. My spring has been kind of a bust too.


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