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The Importance of Being Balanced

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Sorry, stupid high school drama humor… #fail

Anywayyyyy…. As runners, we often think all we have to do is run – makes sense, right? If you want to get better at what you do, you do it more often. Well, it’s not always so simple.

We all know the importance of a strong core and glutes (you do know that, right?). Something that’s so easily overlooked, but just as important, is a good sense of balance. That doesn’t mean being blessed with a cat-like ability to stay upright. That means really honing in on those teeny, tiny support muscles that no one ever thinks about until you’re sitting in your PT’s office wondering why you’re injured (again).

Balance is what keeps us upright, but it’s what keeps runners moving forward. The less you struggle to keep your legs and feet where they belong, the less energy you waste, which means the more energy you have to run harder and/or longer. Additionally, these support muscles (you guessed it) support your major muscles, allowing them to work more efficiently and better resist injury – double bonus.

My PT and I worked on very similar exercises to these over the winter and I highly recommend them. Start off with a light-weight resistance band and work your way up when it gets easier. After a while I graduated to using the bosu ball as well (both by itself and in conjunction with these exercises). They take just a few minutes and can even be done watching tv or while waiting for dinner to cook.

You’ve probably got about 3-4 months before your target fall half/full, so get to it! Really – there’s no excuse for not adding these super simple but super beneficial exercises into your routine. I promise, you’ll feel a major difference if you stick with it.


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