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The long road to 26.2

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Hills are mean.

Tonight’s lessons:

  • I am not cut out for cross country running
  • Our coaches are mean

We ran off-road hill repeats tonight. omg. I like running hills. But omg.

Our warmup was just 5 min in an open field – not too bad. 

Photo Jul 29, 6 46 43 PM

We ran with the full marathon training group – we were supposed to do 4-6 repeats and they were doing 6-10. 

Photo Jul 29, 7 06 40 PM

I regularly run 19% gradient hills for fun. They’re hard, but doable. But this? omg. Even the most seasoned runners were huffing and puffing, stopping to hike up (as we were told to do), and aching the whole way down. Heights don’t normally bother me, but I actually got vertigo at the top; I ran one full repeat and 4 half repeats (half way is the part where you stop seeing people on the photo above). The only redeeming factor about tonight? It was 70 degrees, not 95. Thank god for small favors. 

Screenshot 2014-07-29 21.42.17

Our reward for surviving this night? We all went out for drinks and food afterward 🙂 A much deserved (and needed) reward. 

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Homeless Half Marathoner

You think training for a half marathon is hard? Meet Ronnie.

Ronnie is a homeless man in San Francisco. He’s not a part of Back on My Feet (they don’t have a chapter there yet) but he runs just as religiously as many of the BOMF residents. In addition to turning his life around by staying clean and taking up running, he’s also an incredible artist who practices his craft at Hospitality House, a local collective for homeless and poor artists. And he’s not just running for himself – he’s running to help Hospitality House, which has given him so much. Follow his journey today on twitter with the hashtag #RunWithRonnie.


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So the blogosphere has totally put my real-life friends to shame. 

As you know, I’m fundracing for Back on My Feet. My first (amazing) donation came from someone whom I have never even met in real life – Judith over at!! She puts out some really great blog posts (and is way more timely with her posting than I…) – if you’ve never read her site, definitely pop on over and show her some love! ❤ 



So I did a little thinking…

After careful consideration and lots of advice from family, friends, and the amazing online running community (and, let’s face it, a smidgeon of peer pressure from my running group), I’ve decided to run the Baltimore Half again this year!

I really do think my legs can handle it this year, I just have to be extra vigilant in my training – I’m looking at you, Blerch.

But rather than just running the half (ha, right?) I’ve decided to give it extra meaning. This year I am running the Baltimore Half Marathon in honor of Back on My Feet. I fundraced with them back in 2012 and had a great experience – plus I truly do believe in their mission and work. It’s easy to get annoyed by the homeless people asking for money on the streets or think that they’re just lazy, but let’s face it – many of these people were are just like us. We all have setbacks, sometimes we bounce back from them and sometimes we don’t; sometimes they pile up and seem impossible to overcome. Some of these people never had  the support mechanisms in place to build them up while others have lost sight of that; regardless, the people who come to Back on My Feet want to change themselves and I believe that we should all support those who want to better themselves.

Please consider helping me in my mission to raise $1,800 for Back on My Feet by October – this is what it costs for them to not only clothe the resident members and get them running, but helps pay for housing, education, and job training. This isn’t a free handout – the residential members are expected to show up, be accountable, and maintain a positive attitude. More importantly, though, it’s a means to self-esteem and self-worth, and that’s invaluable.

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Net Time Calculator

I’m not the most advanced Excel user, but I learned quite a number of tricks while I was working on my MBA (we has entire courses that focused on Excel). For weeks I’ve been working on formulas to add up my split times so I can figure out what my net time for any given distance is, but to no avail. 

Well guess what I just stumbled upon – a cumulative time calculator!! Oh my gosh this thing is such a lifesaver! I can’t add splits to save my life (and apparently neither can Excel…). I don’t need it often, but this thing is such a lifesaver for those times when I’m trying to add my splits for a shorter distance than my total distance. It has some other functions as well, but I’ve found other sources for those functions. Totally worth bookmarking. 



Long Run Saturday

I woke up at 3:45am this morning. Not by choice. The phone alarm was set for 5:00am, but the brain alarm decided that 3:45am had a 5 in it, so it was close enough. Ugh. 

It was drizzling a bit this morning when I was getting ready – no biggie. Welcomed, in fact. It’s been “chilly” by summer standards around here this week (upper 70s/low 80s for highs, 50s and 60s for lows) but this morning was warmer and muggier than any other day this week. 

Today’s run was my second run with my half group and our first run as a group on the rail trail. I went in planning to do 6 miles, but the girls I was running with were aiming for 7. I compromised and went for 6.6 miles. The water stop at 3.3 was just far too alluring. 

Aside from the break at the water stop, I ran the entire distance and maintained an average pace of 10:45, which is super speedy for a long run for me! I even set unofficial 5 mile and 10k PRs (53:46 and 1:06:xx, respectively)! The last mile or so was a bit of a challenge – I really just ran out of steam – but otherwise the run felt great. Running with others is much more enjoyable than I ever could have imagined; they really helped me keep going when, let’s be honest, I would have stopped if I had been by myself. 

Photo Jul 19, 10 12 11 AM

After the run I came home to a pleasant surprise – our new stove was installed! Our kitchen has been torn out for the last 5 weeks, which has led me to eating a diet of like 90% carbs, and about 70% take out. I never realized just how much I don’t like cereal. Surprisingly though, my weight has held steady. I was sooo beyond excited to actually have an omelette for breakfast after my run! I have missed them so… 🙂

Photo Jul 19, 12 28 22 PM

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Sore Legs Antidote

Summer is peak training time for so many of us runners. Whether you’re adding major mileage or tackling that killer hill you’ve been eyeing up for a while, many of us spend a whole lot of time bellyaching about our aches and pains. 

We’ve earned these aches, no doubt, but sometimes they just need to go away, stat. 

I’m a big fan of the foam roller/the stick and icing to soften the blow, but sometimes that’s just not effective (enough) or we want to switch things up. 

For many of us, food is fuel first, pleasure second. If that fuel can kill two birds with one stone, all the better, right? Well, Competitor has some great ideas on how to double-up the benefits of what you’re putting in you to kick up what you’re putting out on the road

While you’re sitting in your ice bath, why not head on over and give it a read. It should take just about as long to finish as that ice bath should last. 

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