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Sore Legs Antidote

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Summer is peak training time for so many of us runners. Whether you’re adding major mileage or tackling that killer hill you’ve been eyeing up for a while, many of us spend a whole lot of time bellyaching about our aches and pains. 

We’ve earned these aches, no doubt, but sometimes they just need to go away, stat. 

I’m a big fan of the foam roller/the stick and icing to soften the blow, but sometimes that’s just not effective (enough) or we want to switch things up. 

For many of us, food is fuel first, pleasure second. If that fuel can kill two birds with one stone, all the better, right? Well, Competitor has some great ideas on how to double-up the benefits of what you’re putting in you to kick up what you’re putting out on the road

While you’re sitting in your ice bath, why not head on over and give it a read. It should take just about as long to finish as that ice bath should last. 

after the hard workout


One thought on “Sore Legs Antidote

  1. Ugh. Ice baths. I just say “no”


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