Run Doodle Run

The long road to 26.2

Hills are mean.

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Tonight’s lessons:

  • I am not cut out for cross country running
  • Our coaches are mean

We ran off-road hill repeats tonight. omg. I like running hills. But omg.

Our warmup was just 5 min in an open field – not too bad. 

Photo Jul 29, 6 46 43 PM

We ran with the full marathon training group – we were supposed to do 4-6 repeats and they were doing 6-10. 

Photo Jul 29, 7 06 40 PM

I regularly run 19% gradient hills for fun. They’re hard, but doable. But this? omg. Even the most seasoned runners were huffing and puffing, stopping to hike up (as we were told to do), and aching the whole way down. Heights don’t normally bother me, but I actually got vertigo at the top; I ran one full repeat and 4 half repeats (half way is the part where you stop seeing people on the photo above). The only redeeming factor about tonight? It was 70 degrees, not 95. Thank god for small favors. 

Screenshot 2014-07-29 21.42.17

Our reward for surviving this night? We all went out for drinks and food afterward 🙂 A much deserved (and needed) reward. 


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