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The college track we usually run on is under construction this summer, so my running group went on a bit of a field trip tonight – to my high school’s track! It was so weird being back.


In high school I was in marching band and we always practiced on the track and field. I have so many great memories from those four years. It felt very weird going up there tonight and not snapping to attention…


We ran 2 sets of 2x800s tonight, with a goal pace for me of 4:40-4:50 for each 800 per the McMillan calculator. This is one minute faster per 800 than last year’s pace. Whoa!

Tonight was one of the hottest nights we’ve had all summer – at 90 degrees. Yeah, it’s been a pretty cool summer.

After our warmup and strides, we jumped right in to the repeats. I ran with a small group but tended to pull away from them. No worries though, because I hit my goal pace with each repeat!

Screenshot 2014-08-05 22.00.36

Screenshot 2014-08-05 22.01.45

The distances are a bit off – each lap was .5 mi, not .53, but whatever, I’m not as concerned with pace as I am with hitting the target.


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