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Weekend Wrapup


How is it August already??

Thursday night I had a b-school alumni event – a fellow alumnus owns a minor league baseball team, the Akron RubberDucks, which was playing in the area and he was able to set us up with two suites at the stadium! It was a really great event with great turnout – and was my first visit to Harrisburg. The alumni office staff was even awesome enough to arrange to have a birthday message for my mom put up on the jumbo-tron before I could get to it! They must have been reading my mind becuase they emailed me about it the morning after I googled how to get the message up there. 

Photo Jul 31, 6 05 32 PM

After b-school my friends scattered all around the world. There’s a group of six of us who have been pretty good about keeping in touch with each other via Skype but we haven’t been able to get together in person often. Although we weren’t able to get the whole group together, we had a small girls’ weekend this past weekend.

Photo Aug 01, 3 11 58 PM

I have a thing for watching planes land. The closer the better.

D just moved back to the States from Indonesia, I took the train up, and we spent the weekend up at C’s place in Connecticut for some much needed girl time. We had a nice bonfire in C’s backyard Friday night and were able to FaceTime with A (who is living in Africa!) on Saturday morning. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get in with the other two girls, but it was still great to get “together” and feel like old times. And I can’t express just how great it was to sleep past 5:00am on a Saturday. I skipped my long run this weekend and am absolutely unapologetic about it. 

Photo Aug 01, 6 44 42 PMWe explored Connecticut all weekend and were pleasantly surprised by the Yale Art Gallery – we weren’t sure how extensive it would be, but it was really quite amazing. I’m not a huge fan of museums (overdosed on them when I was in Russia), but it was still really impressive. 

Photo Aug 02, 2 48 32 PM

And Saturday night we had some super yummy Pakistani food. If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend it (you can start with this bit of deliciosity) 

Photo Aug 02, 9 38 42 PM

I was super happy to come home yesterday to see my pepper plants doing amazingly well. I harvested a few early-season peppers (yes, I live that far north that I’m still harvesting early season peppers) last week but all of the plants really took off this past week. My big berthas (below) are easily 9″ long and are just about ready to come off. They’re insanely huge and I can’t wait to stuff them. 

Photo Aug 04, 1 11 33 PM


2 thoughts on “Weekend Wrapup

  1. Hey, I was in that part of connecticut last weekend, in fairfield. I didn’t really explore though, since I’ve been there a zillion times.


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