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The long road to 26.2


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All week I’ve been nervous about today’s run. Not because of the distance or the locale or the weather. No, because this weekend last year was the run that landed me in the boot. Truth be told, I purposefully scheduled our girls’ weekend in Connecticut for last weekend so I could skip the long run on the extra-hard brick promenade downtown without guilt. I just needed to make it through today’s run in one piece. I didn’t care how, I just had to do it. 


Yesterday evening I was trying to explain the runner’s high to a friend of mine. 

I wish I could have bottled up how I felt during/after my run today and passed it along 🙂 


Sometimes a week off is exactly what the doctor ordered. My legs have been feeling a bit rough this week – the track workout Tuesday left them surprisingly sore and they were still heavy Thursday morning, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from today’s run.

We couldn’t have ordered more perfect weather. It was 56 when I left the house at 6:15am (I actually woke up shivering at 1:00am this morning and had to hunt for more blankets! Seriously, this is August?!). The sun was a glowing orange ball of fire as it came up over the fog-ladden farm fields on my drive in. 

N was running a race this morning, so it was just M and I today. I was undecided as to my distance when we set off this morning, but when we got towards the turn around I decided to be brave and go for 9 miles. And I’m glad I did. I had an AMAZING run – including my first sub-10:00 miles during a long run (the last two miles, no less!!)

Screenshot 2014-08-09 12.26.43


I added on the last .1 mi as a big ole middle finger to last year’s ill-fated 9 mile run.

I could have gone to 10. I should have gone to 10. But my guiding philosophy this year is an overabundance of caution and avoidance of unnecessary risk. And I would have had to’ve crossed the main road, which I really just didn’t feel like doing. I have plenty of weeks ahead to hit 10+ miles. 

If I can keep this up, I am on target to beat my pie-in-the-sky goals for both Army and Baltimore. Holy cow!! 


After the run I treated myself to two well-earned donuts (I know, you shouldn’t reward your workout efforts with food, but whatev.) and a bath for my car. 

Tonight I plan on celebrating further by rewarding myself with a dip in the hot tub and a glass of wine. I had a bottle in the fridge for Thursday night’s Ravens game but totally forgot about it. Last night it would have gone perfectly with my broccoli and pasta dinner, but I have a strict rule about not drinking before a run. But tonight? Tonight’s fair game. 

Photo Aug 09, 5 28 26 PM

And in totally unrelated news, my ex sent me the prettiest picture of our beast 🙂 She was watching a humming bird flit about their back yard. 

Photo Aug 08, 8 38 03 AM

Did you run long today? How was it?? Or are you more of a Sunday Runday kinda person? 


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