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Weekend Wrap-up!

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After racing last weekend, I laid pretty low this week, even skipping this week’s track workout. I pushed hard on Sunday and my legs let me know that. Icing and massage only go so far, though, so I’m getting a quick eval with my PT tomorrow – my piriformis is still grumpy about something and I’m getting a tweak in my shin again. I don’t think either of them are serious, but I’d rather nip them in the bud before they become problematic. Come hell or high water I’m doing my first full marathon in 2015!

Saturday I met up with my training group and the full marathon training group and planned for 10 miles or so on the local roads. It was a perfect morning – overcast, low 70s, mildly humid. They had 10.15 and 10.5 route sheets, so naturally N and I went for the 10.5. M was doing a cut-back week, so she ran with some other people. Both 10+ routes had us crossing a major road and we were kinda bummed about that, but it turned out to be a non-issue that early in the morning. I did have to stop and fill up my handheld twice though – definitely another argument in favor of getting the hydration pack (so glad our group stocks us with strategically placed self-serve water stations!).

We missed one of our turns early on in the race but no biggie. The route was pretty hilly and we conquered all of the hills magnificently, including one which was challenging just 6 weeks ago. There were so many runners out! Our two groups certainly account for a lot of people, but we ran into some high school teams running as well as individuals and smaller groups. We ran to places I had never envisioned running and it was fantastic.

We determined that we had missed about .75 mile with our early missed turn and decided to make up some distance so we at least hit 10 miles for the day. Well…. even though I grew up in this neighborhood, my mental map failed me (admittedly, I rarely ever went over to this part). I got us a little turned around and we called it a day at 10.66 miles with a .75 mile cool down walk back to the store.

Screenshot 2014-08-24 22.32.06 Screenshot 2014-08-24 22.32.30

After the run I decided to try out a Cliff Builder’s Max protein bar – I just don’t get enough protein in my diet and don’t see how to squeeze enough in without gaining like 200 lbs. The bar was surprisingly good – sweet but not sweet. And it actually almost tasted like cookie dough. The only down side is that they’re huge! I could only finish about 60% of it. I think I’ll take the remainder for after my track workout on Tuesday.

cliff bar

Today I went to the Maryland State Fair with my mom. I’m not a huge fan of the fair and haven’t been for many, many years. It’s just kinda trashy and overpriced. But I love the farm and agricultural aspects of it. The primary reason we went was to get some of the locally harvested honey – my dad has a few hives, but the yield has been a bit disappointing this year and we’d much rather support local beekeepers than buy honey that comes from god knows where.

There were tons of adorable baby animals, many of which were brand new to the world, as well as hundreds of cows, sheet, goats, pigs, and every other farm animal you can think of.

fair animals

rocking' the spandex and leg warmers like it's 1988

rocking’ the spandex and leg warmers like it’s 1988

Photo Aug 24, 10 28 06 AM

We also spent an inordinate amount of time gawking over the gorgeous produce that had been judged in competition.

Photo Aug 24, 11 05 54 AM

And I make no apologies for devouring the funnel cake. I ran nearly 11 miles yesterday. 🙂

Photo Aug 24, 11 32 46 AMHow was your weekend?? 

Photo Aug 24, 12 35 07 PM



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