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Exciting News!


I just found out today that I won an entry to the Philadelphia Marathon!! 😀


I’m super excited to run this race and can’t wait! I had planned on doing Philly as my first full marathon, but am more than happy to preview the first half this year 🙂 The entry was courtesy of Philly Marathon sponsor Gore-Tex in their #RoadtoPhilly contest.

Today was a super busy day for me. I got up at 5:00am to make it downtown for a great speaker series my b-school hosts, called Leaders + Legends. Today’s speaker was Jeff Zucker, the president of CNN Worldwide. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with CNN over the last 6 years, but he was a great speaker and very conversational and open during the Q&A session.


Afterwards I had some time to kill before PT, so I wandered around the harbor to take in the sights of the tall ships which are in town for the Star Spangled Spectacular. This weekend is the 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner, which was written right here in Baltimore!

Photo Sep 11, 9 59 10 AM

The 9/11 Memorial outside of the World Trade Center, Baltimore

Photo Sep 11, 9 44 10 AM Photo Sep 11, 9 52 20 AM

While I was at PT I could see the Blue Angels practicing and was super excited when, as I was getting back to my car, one of the security guards let me know about a great spot nearby with a great view of the entire harbor. I’m so glad he said something because the view was fantastic! We had a great view of them flying the entire length of the harbor, from Martin’s all the way up to Fort McHenry and they often flew right overhead doing their maneuvers.

Photo Sep 11, 1 18 41 PM

I wish I could claim this photo as my own, but I definitely cannot.

I wish I could claim this photo as my own, but I definitely cannot. One of the great photographers for the event took this. 

And on my way out of the city, I was reminded at just how pretty Baltimore can be at times, even with abysmal traffic.

Photo Sep 11, 1 42 03 PM


6 thoughts on “Exciting News!

  1. Congrats! I LOVE running in Philly. I hope you have a blast!


    • I really can’t wait! I’ve only been to Philly twice (and once was when I was 7!) – any recommendations on great places to celebrate afterwards??


      • Definitely go to Reading Terminal Market for lunch one of the days. I highly recommend Salumeria (subs), 12th St Cantina (Mexican) or Dinic’s (pork sandwiches) there.

        What do you like to eat? I used to live in Philly but moved away about 15 years ago.


      • I’m not huge on seafood (love crabs and salmon, though). Love global food, sandwiches, nothing overtly “American” (casseroles, greasy stuff, etc.). I’ll definitely have to check out the places you’ve mentioned already!


      • You can’t go wrong with Reading — the only problem is that they aren’t open for dinner. Oh, but definitely get one of Fisher’s Pretzels there. Sooooo amazing.

        When I was in philly last fall, we ate at Farm & Fisherman and Serpico. Both were great but pretty edgy (especially Serpico). Fork is a long-time restaurant and still has great reviews. If you like Greek, South Street Souvlaki is terrific (if garlicky) plus South St is fun. If you want a Philly Cheesesteak, I say skip the usual suspects (Jim’s, Geno’s or Pat’s) and go to Ishkabibble on South street and get the fries too. Agh! I could go on forever. So much good to eat in Philly. 😀


      • Oh awesome! Thank you so much!!

        I just had dinner but now I’m hungry again… 🙂


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