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The long road to 26.2

Last Track Session Before Army!!

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Mental Note: Eat more food.

I haven’t been eating much lately, but not necessarily due to a conscious choice – I just haven’t been hungry (unexpected late-in-the-game bonus – I’ve lost another 4 lbs.).

Tonight’s track workout was supposed to be relatively easy – :20 90% perceived effort, :40 comfortable but hard pace, repeat 20 times. Despite this, I felt like I was dragging the whole time. Legs just felt heavy, joints didn’t feel fluid, the whole shebang. And I got a really weird side-stitch under my right ribs. I never get side stitches, so that was totally out of left field.

I’m not sure what I’m missing nutritionally, but I clearly need to focus more on how I’m fueling myself this week. I’ve only got two more easy workouts before race day and really need to make them count.

What are your favorite race week meals/snacks??


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